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Caught in a Free State

in TV

Caught in a Free State script by Brian Lynch 1983 RTÉ/Channel 4 co-production. 1983. Jacobs Award for script. Banff International TV Festival, Canada, award for best drama production 1984. A four-part series about German spies in Ireland during World War II. The main spy, Dr Hermann Goertz, is played by Peter Jankowsky, with whom I […]


Love & Rage

in Film

Love & Rage script by Brian Lynch 1998 Feature film directed by Cathal Black, about the man who inspired Synge’s Playboy of the Western World. Starring Greta Scacchi, Stephen Dillane, Daniel Craig (chosen in 2005 to be the new James Bond), Donal Donnelly and Valerie Edmunds. Photographed by Slawomir Idziak (Three Colours Blue, etc) The […]

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Let It Run And Set It Black

in Theatre

Let It Run And Set It Black This is a 1983 play about Northern Ireland which I rewrote in 2004. The new version was, like the first, rejected by the Abbey. The play is set in a Dublin newspaper at the time of Bloody Sunday and the Aldershot bombing, events also described in Pity for […]


Crooked in the Car Seat

in Theatre

Crooked in the Car Seat by Brian Lynch Gemini Productions Dublin Theatre Festival 1979. Nominated for Best Play in the Harvey’s Theatre Awards. Another work with an unfortunate history. When Hugh Leonard was Script Editor for the Abbey Theatre the one play he recommended for production in his first year was ‘Crooked’. I was welcomed […]